Are you ready to

stop Overachieving

and free up time

for your health and family?

Let’s work on getting some healthy balance back into your life. 

I see you

Drowning under
the stress

Ignoring your well-being to do more, more, more is the path to chronic health issues and burnout. Your body is probably already fighting back with symptoms such as headaches, chest pains, or heartburn. You’re…

Missing Out

On yet another event with your family and friends because "you have to work"

Trying to numb yourself

With alcohol, food, shopping or another Netflix episode

Getting told you're "too emotional"

Because you care so deeply for your work that you overreact about the small stuff

Overthinking EVERYTHING

Your day, what you said, your reactions... and the list goes on until you are driving yourself mad at 2:00 AM


Hey, I'm Holly

and I was where you are now.

… believing I worked better under pressure – running the hamster wheel and being crushed under the weight of extreme pressure.

I didn’t even realize that I was anxious…

Because I believed that I worked better under pressure, my subconscious helped me procrastinate, overthink, and anything else that would create a lot of pressure in my life. It was exhausting and led me down the path of health issues. 

My standard excuse for any kind of impromptu fun was “I have to work”. 

I was able to unlearn that belief. I can help you find and unlearn any belief that you have that is ineffectively using your time and energy and causing  your stress at work. Check out my process below.

Be Less Stressed

Your brain and nervous system are like a computer that has been programmed to respond to triggers in an automatic way. You’ll learn how this happens and how you can use the features of your brain to reprogram your life.

Become Self Aware

You have triggers that cause emotional responses that drain your energy and waste time. Most overachievers have triggers around urgency, relationships, achievement, or perfection.

Balance Your Life

You decide which triggers you want to work on and we experiment with different ways to hack your brain and nervous system to get to a better result that uses less of your energy and frees up time.

To Put it Simply

Create a balanced life


What does that look like?

Self Awareness

Understanding your strengths, values, preferred skills and personality via a YouMap assessment

Releasing Perfectionism

A life where you can let go of your perfectionistic tendencies and just relax.

To-Do List Redo

A life where you aren’t constantly running through a to-do list of the next thing that needs to be fixed and living in fear of being behind.

Sleep Better + Feel Rested

A life where you sleep soundly and wake up ready to make a difference, each and every day.

Appreciating Yourself

A life where you are enough…just like you are.


“Holly helped me see that I was unnecessarily using emotional energy on things for which I had no control at work. When I focused on the things where I did have control, I was able to free up 10 hours per week that I could spend on activities that recharge my batteries.”

- AA

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“Holly was able to help me work through my perfectionistic expectations for myself and for others which were causing a massive amount of urgency and pressure in my life. I’ve lightened up tremendously and reduced the amount of pressure in my life by 80%”

- KS

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