I See You

You're struggling with

Sleepless Nights

You toss and turn in bed because you can’t shut off the to do list.


You sacrifice your well being, relationships and fun to achieve.

Fear of Failure

You are afraid of being worthless so you work to achieve, achieve, and achieve to prove your worthiness.

Unable to Relax

You can’t relax because there’s always something else to do.

Long Hours

You work from the time you get up in the morning until you can’t do any more each night because you don't want to fall behind.


Your life is busy with a jam packed schedule.

You're "Crazy Busy"

You say things like “my life is crazy busy” or “I’m so far behind”.

Overly Responsible

You think it's easier to do it yourself but eventually end up feeling resentful

You wake up and you realize that your life is not what you thought it would be.

You're suffering from

Crumbling relationships with your spouse and kids

Health issues ignored in favor of achievement


Emotional Outbursts

The good news is that it’s possible to learn how to validate your own sense of worthiness and balance achievement with the rest of your life.

leadership coach for overachievers

Hey, I'm Holly

and I was where you are now.

I was an overachiever for many, many years.

I thought about work and my to do list the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until I finally fell asleep at night. I believed that it was lazy to not constantly be doing something that was productive. Productivity was my number one priority…not my family, not my well-being and definitely not fun. 

I was able to understand that I learned this “laziness is a sin” belief from my dad who grew up on a farm.  Once I understood that I was able to choose whether or not I wanted to keep this belief or give it back to my dad. I’m happy to say that I gave it back.

I can help you find and unlearn any belief that you have that is ineffectively using your energy. I created this program so I could help other overachievers take back their lives. 

It’s totally possible to go from being an overachiever to a calm and balanced happy person.


Burned Out 2
Lit Up

Coaching for Overachievers

I’ll show you how to:

All of this happens in 12 bi-weekly 60 minute sessions over Zoom with between session support via the method of your choice.

Are you ready to

Take control of your life to get back to being a Lit Up Human Being?

Kick off your journey with a one-on-one call with me. We’ll discuss where you are currently, where you want to be and how my program can get you there. I’ll explain how we experiment with the concepts until we find the tools that work for you. There’s no icky pressure. Either we are a good fit or we’re not.

It’s possible to craft a life of spaciousness, fun and achievement. I love helping overachievers slow down and smell the roses.