Boundaries in the Workplace

Our work in the world is so important to our overall well-being. It’s how we feel accomplished, feel our passion, find meaning and create new things in the world.  

In the past, I spent a lot of time being a victim at work. I was overworked, burned out and disengaged. You know what I found out? I was choosing to be overworked, burned out and disengaged by allowing certain things to happen. I didn’t think it was ok to have boundaries or to say no. I’m guessing you might not either. 

What are you allowing to happen at work?

Here are three areas where I see my clients struggle with their boundaries at work.

  1. Time. Many of us think that time is not our own when we are at work. We can’t say no to meeting requests, responding to emails immediately, or to requests from our bosses. We absolutely have a choice on how our time is spent at work. Choose what you are going to accomplish each day and protect your schedule against all time thiefs. You’ll liberate so much time and be so productive, it will be like having a different job. You can also decide to protect your weekends as well. 🙂

  1. Feelings. Here’s a news flash. Other people do not control how you feel, you do. You are choosing to allow what other people do and say to affect your outcome for the day. Here’s a trick. Next time someone says something that annoys you, think “they must be having a bad day” and don’t take it personally. Remind yourself that 99.9% of all the people in your life are just trying to do their best with the beliefs that they currently have. Be curious and compassionate. It goes a long way to building great relationships at work.

  1. Worthiness. You are worthy. No matter what anyone says or does. No matter if you fail or mess up. You have a set of strengths that no other human possesses. How wonderful is that? Figure out what your strengths are and then use them to their full potential in your work. When you catch yourself beating yourself up, break the pattern and redirect your brain to your strengths and your gifts.

Work is meant to be challenging and meaningful, not something you dread. I’m not suggesting that the goal is 100% positive, but it should be at least 50/50. You are not a victim my friend. You have the power to put boundaries in place and I promise you won’t get fired for it. Your boss wants you to accomplish your goals and be engaged.

Pay attention to your nervous system at work. If you are having strong emotions or reactions, get curious about the pattern and look for a possible missing boundary.

PS. I help people stop overworking. I went from 80 hours a week to 30. I can help you do it too. It’s just a matter of reprogramming some inefficient work habits. Get to know me here.