Your Win Chronicle

What went well today?  It’s a simple little question and one that I find my clients have a really hard time answering. They can tell me all the reasons why the work day was a shit show, but it takes quite a while to get one or two things out that went well and they actually enjoyed doing.

Can you relate?

Nothing has gone wrong here. Our brain is really good at looking for the negative in our environment so that we don’t die.  

However, focusing on the negative all the time will not result in an enjoyable and fulfilling work experience. In fact, it leads to chronic stress and hating your job.

You can train your brain to start looking for the positive. It’s a simple tool I use every day that I call the Win Chronicle.

  • Write down three or more things that went well today. What did you enjoy doing? Where were you at the top of your game?
  • Write down how you felt when these things were happening. Empowered, valued, capable, confident, productive, accomplished, etc.
  • What can you do tomorrow to create more of these good feelings?

I know this sounds so trivial, but it works. I have seen the evidence of a mindset shift in myself and my clients who implement this tool.  

It’s especially useful when you are having a really bad day. I like to use the Leuchtturm 5 year Some Lines a day journal. Opening up my journal and just reading through last year’s or last month’s wins is very motivating and changes my state immediately.

The goal of your work life is not to be happy and fulfilled 100% of the time. It’s to be happy and fulfilled at least 50% of the time. If you focus on the negative all the time, you will not be happy and fulfilled at all.

If you are struggling with stress and hating your job, the answer is not to find another job. It’s to change your mindset. Documenting your wins every day trains your brain to start looking for the positive. It’s a simple practice that really works.

PS. I help people stop overworking. I went from 80 hours a week to 30. I can help you do it too. It’s just a matter of reprogramming some inefficient work habits. Get to know me here.